Aorticcalculator: predicting aortic morphology

How to measure?

The parameters provided by this calculator were established using curved multiplanar reformations (CPR) of computed tomography angiographies (CTA), and should be exclusively used for the interpretation of only these studies.

A contrast enhanced, ECG-triggered CTA is acquired, using 1 mm slices. Transversal, frontal and sagittal projections are reconstructed using appropriate PACS-Viewer Software with CPR-functionality.

A 3D-aortic central line is drawn into the projections reaching from the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT) to the distal aortic arch (left subclavian artery).

The maximum aortic diameter is measured along the aorta by measuring the aortic perimeter and calculating the ideal aortic diameter using the true short-axis views. The ascending aorta length is measured along the aortic central line between the plane of the aortic valve annulus and the plane at the branching point of the brachiocephalic trunk.

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