Aorticcalculator: predicting aortic morphology


The regression formulas that are the basis for this Aorticcalculator were evaluated with a cohort of 510 individuals form a single cardiac center in Tübingen, Germany. Almost all individuals from this cohort were Caucasian and were of middle European descent. Transferability to other cohorts is not validated. In addition, the Aorticcalculator has not been evaluated in a prospective or multicentric manner.

The Aorticcalculator and its underlying values and regression equations are part of ongoing research projects.

The mean, and especially the threshold-values provided by this aortic calculator, are not part of any professional and authorized medical guideline. Referring to the values provided by the aorticcalculator-, or even basing decisions on them is at the user’s own risk and is not yet recommended by the author. The inventors of the Aorticcalculator cannot assume responsibility or liability for decisions, neither medical nor scientific, which are made based on the values provided by the Aorticcalculator.

Although the Aorticcalculator must be interpreted as the individual opinion of its authors, the values provided by the Aorticcalculator were established with great scientific care and are presented with confidence.

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